Dave Johnson, Publishing Editor

Dave was born in California and grew up in California and Alaska. After graduating from high school in California he joined the Army and ended up with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. While stationed at Fort Campbell he met Cathy through a mutual friend. Cathy and Dave were married in 1975 and headed for Alaska. The Army then sent them to Minnesota and while there Dave decided that it was time to explore other careers. He spent some time working in Illinois and eventually moved back to California where he earned a bachelors degree in biology and completed the ROTC program.

Back into the Army and back to Fort Campbell. By now Dave and Cathy’s family had grown and they had four daughters. After a tour at Fort Campbell Dave headed for a year assignment in Korea. After Korea it was back to Alaska and then to Fort Bragg, North Carolina. While at Fort Bragg Dave was fortunate to earn a masters degree in International Relations, courtesy of the US Army. Fort Bragg was followed by his last assignment which was at Fort Campbell again. Dave retired from the Army in 1999.

After retirement from the Army Dave did a few more jobs with different organizations while living in various states. He eventually retired from the US Forest Service in 2013 with 10 years of service.

Dave and Cathy have lived in eleven different states and have moved over 20 times. In the course of his education Dave has attended numerous colleges and universities in his desire for learning new things and qualifying for new jobs. He and Cathy are both master gardeners and should soon be master naturalists.

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