Joanne Johnson, FFL Webmaster

Joanne grew up on a farm in Montana and went to a small-town school. She got a B.S. degree in Microbiology at Montana State University, married Ed Johnson and moved to San Antonio, TX where Ed served four years in the Air Force. Joanne worked in a large teaching hospital, doing research and working in the hospital chemistry laboratory.

They moved to Minneapolis, MN, where Joanne worked in the Microbiology department at a small hospital in a Minneapolis suburb.

Ed got a job at the INEL site and they moved to Idaho Falls. Some friends told them about the FFL organization shortly after it was founded. When the Newsletter Editor position came open, Joanne volunteered because she wanted to learn how to do newsletters. She served as President for three years and then volunteered as Computer Support for several years. After a few short months off the board, she came back on, this time as the Webmaster. Joanne says being on the board has been a very positive experience, working with people who do their best for an organization that they really believe in.

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