Marilyn Quast, FFL Historian

Marilyn Quast is an Idaho girl, having grown up in Twin Falls. Her and her husband moved to Pocatello when they were married for him to further his education. She lost her husband in a boating accident in 1982. Before her husband died she worked for School District #91 for ten years until 1989. In 1989 she was employed by the Department of Energy as a secretary in Budget and worked hard to become a Program Analyst before retiring in 2006.

She is the mother of two children (Debbie and Gary). She is a grandmother to six grandchildren (Alyssa, Caitlin, Dylan, Tyler, Anthony and Adrian.

Marilyn has been a member of FFL since the fall of 2006. She has served on the planning committee for the Hiking, Walking and Exploring group. Marilyn loves to golf, bike, hike, cross-country ski, snow-shoe, and her most favorite things to do are to travel and spend time with her children and grandchildren.

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