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2018 Spring Semester Registration began January 17 and will continue throughout the semester. The 2018 Spring Catalog, Class Checklist and Calendar are available for download at the links on the left.

Ways to Register

1. Download the Course Catalog for Mail-in Registration

2. Register Online:

  • Click the "REGISTER" button below to start, this will take you to the ISU registration site.
  • Once on the ISU site, press "Enable Online Registration" button to login and begin.
  • You will then need to enter your email address and password. If you are new to the program, create a new profile first, it is not necessary to include your SSN, you may enter "9999" if desired. If you have forgotten your password, press the "Reset Password" link. You can return to this page to start again once you have reset it.
  • Once logged in, select the membership checkbox first, then you can select the classes. If you are new for the year, also select a parking pass (ISU will mail this to you in about one week).
  • As you select classes, they are moved below the FFL checkbox list. Errors can be unchecked to correct entry errors before pressing "Enroll" to then proceed to the confirmation step.
  • On the final step, review the selections and total fee (if any), and press "Confirm" at the bottom of the form to make a payment or complete the process.
Blue Register button for FFL Registration

Friends For Learning

FFL is an educational venture enjoyed by people age 50 and over. This venture is for those who wish to stimulate their thinking and expand their knowledge.

FFL Mission Statement

"The purpose of Friends for Learning is to provide, at minimal cost, activities, special events, and opportunities for study for retired and semi-retired people who want to continue their intellectual growth and enjoy being part of a like-minded community".

The Organization

While FFL is under the guidance of the ISU Office of Continuing Education, its membership is an entity with a purpose and an identity of its own. FFL is associated with the Elderhostel Institute Network, an organization that began in 1988.